Tuesday, January 2, 2018

#2018week1 of #WhathaveIiearnthisweek

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! yay!!! It's 2018 and it's going to be one of the best year ever for me! (In Malaysia, this is called "SiokSendiri" or "SS".)

But anyway, welcome everyone to the new year and a new chapter of my 52 weeks commitment to my extremely weird readers, I don't know why you wanna read my blogs but nevertheless I appreciate your time and energy. My hope is to provide you into a link into my brain to see what I see or what I think so I know, WE are not alone.. You know who you are.. hahaha..

So what have I learned about this week? It's nice to have written goals. Many motivational speakers says "Yay", while some of them says "Nay".. Why I think it's a great idea.. The years that I didn't had it was one of the hardest years I go through, like I do not have an aim but to just get over the day with no evaluation on where my life was heading or where I want to be heading to..

Plus, I love to be creative with my goals or objectives.. but I think like any company, I'd like to have the ans for: "Why am I here for?" (Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren) Well..., not everyone will have this answered now, for some, may not even come in their life time. But just think about it from time to time, think about what good you bring to the world, no matter how small your contribution is I think it can give others great joy, just by sharing your thoughts..

From the why, we will be able to find out how we can do that and what do we do to achieve just that. I have a lot of different segments to departmentalize my goals.. here are some of the departmentalization title:

1) Spiritual Development
Example: Daily Prayers (15 min a day) ; Reading of the Bible (30 min a day) etc

2) Personal Development
Example: Date night with hubby (Monthly); Learn a new Skill (Music/Game/Hobbies) etc

3) Career Development
Example: Meet new people weekly (3 a week); Read/Listen to Sales & Marketing techniques everyday etc..

4) Financial Development
Example: Doing freelance work quarterly? Engaging in other business opportunity monthly? etc..

Something of the sort..

Allow me to explain, this is not for everybody.. We can agree to disagree that not everyone will like to do this or even benefit from this, but I would like to encourage you to try.. try and see if it works for you or not.. And don't just try once, try a few times and then only call it quits if it doesn't work for you.. You are not going to loose anything by setting up goals and trying to set your mind or focus your thoughts into something you want to achieve. Take it 1 step at a time and don't expect miracles.

Quote for the day: "Do the best that you can do and be the best version of yourself today & everyday." 

Monday, December 11, 2017


It's like once every big change I update my blog LOL.. 

No one reads blogs I guess these days? But it's ok.. I just like to share my thoughts randomly.. No need for anyone to care much about it.. Coz since I always talks to myself, out loud sometimes, might as well I share it for, what I hope, would benefit someone else in the future.. I am still young and crazy so why not right? 

So, today I wanna start sharing #thingsIlearn everyday.. Not sure if I can keep this up coz even a photo a day I can't do it so perhaps I will limit it to #WhatIlearnweekly for 2018...  actually learn a lot weekly and sometimes in 1 week, I learn about a few things at a time and sometimes a few things in a day or even during a short event! 

So let me start with today's #whatIlearnthisweek to start the ball rolling.. I learn about this sets of great interview questions to ask candidates during an interview session.. My HR friend said that Malaysians are not ready yet for these questions but I think it's no harm to use it to gauge the candidate's real character. I read it and listen from the source links shown.(Source: https://www.inc.com/business-insider/weird-interview-questions-oracle-zappos-paypal-alphabet-warby-parker.html  & https://www.inc.com/video/adam-bryant/3-key-questions-you-must-ask-every-new-hire.html)

From my most fav: 
1) If you die, what do you want written on your tombstone? 
I think this is a great question to ask because it shows a person what he/she wants to really achieve in the end of the day. it can be short, or brief or even long with some creativity.. I though about this before and my answer may be too vague but if you are reading this, share what is your message on your tombstone one day... (I will share mine in a later post..)

2) What is the biggest mis-perception people have about you? 
I love this question because it allows once to really think about themselves and see if they knew their standing and how others perceive them in public.. For me, the biggest mis-perception others have about me is that "Susana is too kind or too nice to lead or be a leader." I think in this era and time, a leader with empathy wins over any leader with authority.. in the pass we always talks about having authority, having the status, having the right "controlling power" they have among their people.. I believe, leaders are influences, we feel, we understands and we do our best to work together with our team not to manipulate them but to help them grow,be better and achieve what they want to achieve in life. (some people may argue that this is called manipulation, I say it all depends on your intentions and that is between you and God.) *Always remember that 20% of the ppl you talk to will always disagree with you, so don't take everything too personally.. (Note to self.)

3) Tell me something that's true, that almost nobody agrees with you on. 
This is sooooo subjective.. How do one explain a truth that is not accepted by everyone else? LOL I thought I have this question in the bag but I will share my answer to this question should someone ask me about it.. "I love Exams." then everyone else will say the opposite.. hahaha they will disagree with the feeling I have associated with exams.. which to me is the truth, I love exams and no one else can tell me otherwise.. in which I will explain honestly (some of my close friends will know this..), not that I am a show off and not that I do sooooo well in all my exams, BUT I like to evaluate myself through the exam.. lemme ask you something, when you put in hard work, sacrificed time to improve and find ways to be better, don't you wanna know how effective your methods, strategy and implementation affects your results? Well I do! That is why I love it! I love it when exam comes, so I see how much I have learnt, which method I use in studying/learning helped improved my results, how much I know about the subjects etc... I love exams. Full Stop.  

So, there are other questions HR personnel may wanna ask or some really good questions you may want to think about it yourselves.. Do go over and read the rest on your own and share what you think? 

My quote for the day? "There's something to learn everyday." 

See you again soon! xoxo

Friday, March 17, 2017

In the fashion industry...

It has been too long! I need to update this blog hahaha... some information on this blog needs to be updated also.. wow.. almost 2 years didn't update anything here.. Crazy.. 

I wanna try to not share too much of my opinions on FB anymore coz it has become a bad habit.. hope blogging would not be a bad thing.. at least, I would not be seeking how many likes, or watch too much interesting videos while I blog.. 

I just want a place to release my thoughts.. 

Oh, and yes.. I am now in the fashion industry!! yay!! and you think it's all Glam and sparkly.. lol NOT! it's all business.. the perks is that you get to do what you love and passionate about but in the end, it's all about being profitable. 

So to all future fashion designers out there.. You need to be profitable! period. If you say you work for passion but not money (so romantic)... eh.. then how are you going to support your passion unless you are already rich? As a community, a country, a nation.. we must appreciate talent and from there, nurture and groom them for success. Help them financially and train them to push themselves further with hard work and commitment! Never give up and find all ways to succeed! 

All I can say right now is that a lot of student study fashion designing may not end up working as a fashion designer because Malaysia Fashion industry is like going through a sunset period. When there is an opportunity, grab it! 

Until next time.. some photos k? :D

Monday, February 1, 2016

What am I cookin'?

So my hubby wants to eat healthier recently, well, since last week.. After understanding the kind of eater we are.. He is a feaster while I am a constant eater.. Another group are that emo eaters.. 

Anyways, we realized the type of meals we should have.. For feasters, they need high protein and low GI kinda food.. While for me, well.. I just need to fast for 2 days (like only take 1 meal for the day)..  

And since my hubby doesn't like taking veggies, we decided to cook thick veggies soup for him so he can eat it easier.. (Like drinking milkshake..) I researched some ingredients for a few recipe for a thick veggie soup (without cream or cheese or milk) and then my hubby went to the market to get them.. And oh boy was my hard work paid off! The soup was delicious! I mean, wow! What a nice creamy texture and the taste is phenomenal.. I never know creamy soup can be so nice.. I normally prefers clear soups.. Mainly chicken mushrooms with carrots, potatoes and tomatoes.. (In Malaysian we call it ABC soup haha).

Today, we have decided to cook a whole lot of it so my hubby can just take out a bowl, heat it up and Bon appetit! It doesn't look appetizing when you see the raw veggies.. 😝

But wait till you taste it! It's very nice.. I dun really eat broccoli but this soup is the bomb! 

You should also try my mushroom cabbage broccoli soup! (You would not be able to really taste the cabbage.. The broccoli and mushroom flavor tops the soup.) 

So how many I manage to cook? Let's say for about a week if my hubby takes the soup twice daily..

But do t forget, I am
Having some too! Haha.. Ooooo I think I can use it as pasta sauce as well!!! Without the cheese and cream!!! Oh boy oh boy!!! Can't wait to try it!!-- tomorrow! Yay!! 

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Fever fever go away.. Pls don't come again or stay...

Woke up at 235 in the morning to find my little girl is having a fever.. Ah can't sleep after that.. So after so long.. I've decided to take a min or two just to jot this down... 

She was having some fever since yesterday but was already getting better since evening yesterday.. But it seems the fever came back again and mommy is a little worried..

She took some medicine already but I can't sleep! There must be a reason for it right? (Ya, duh.. Like suddenly waking up in the middle of the night reason?lol) anyway, I have decided to use a wet towel to cool down my baby's body temp.. Took me about one and a half hours to do it but it was not because her temperature is down that I stopped but because.. She woke up, spoke softly and said,"that's enough mommy." 

Ok lar, enough lar.. Trying to go back to sleep now.. But oh wait.. Alarm will start ringing in 30min time! Apelar.. No need to sleep liao lor.. Good morning Thursday! 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Just a sudden thought...

If I think someone dresses nice but may be a bit too sexy for my own daughter, is that being a hypocrite? Coz I can't advise others on how they should dress (I dun agree with something doesn't mean it doesn't look nice, it looks nice to me than it looks nice to me lar) but I can make a difference on how my daughter would choose her dressing.. And I don't think I should impose my own preference on others but I sure can for the one I have given birth to (until a certain age lol talking to a rebel here too Ya know.) just saying... 

Friday, October 24, 2014

Let's talk about Facts..


For some teenagers (some, not all), act like children and expect others to treat them like adults. 

Also. Fact.